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Young, Mary YoungM at bouldercolorado.gov
Mon Nov 25 13:23:57 MST 2019

Dear Community,

The City of Boulder has been a committed partner with the Government Alliance on Race and Equity<https://www.racialequityalliance.org/> since 2018. The Alliance leads with race, with the "recognition that the creation and perpetuation of racial inequities has been baked into government, and that racial inequities across all indicators for success are deep and pervasive." Our goal is to gain awareness as an organization, as a community and as individuals around racial injustices, past as well as current, and to develop strategies to achieve racial equity.

A Guiding Coalition, consisting of two council members (Morzel & Young), the city manager's office and several staff departmental directors, have been meeting monthly since joining GARE. As part of this ongoing work and to recognize our learning to date, the City Council has recently been in the process of developing a resolution.

In response to the email communication that Council has received throughout the last week, the planned release of the aforementioned resolution has been moved to an earlier date of December 3rd. Upon its introduction on December 3rd, Council will encourage community feedback.

We recognize that this journey we are embarking upon has been too long in coming and hope that we, as a community, will embrace its truths and challenges as well as its rewards.

Warm regards,

Mary Dolores Young
Boulder City Council

"All ethics . . . rest upon a single premise: that the individual is a member of a community of interdependent parts . . ." - Aldo Leopold

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